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Digital Asset Mining Packages

Our packages range from 2, 3, or 5 years and we pay members daily into their accounts. Here are a few of the reasons NGS Group is different:


Know ahead of time with our minimum fixed-rate returns.


Members have the opportunity for capital growth.


At the end of the lease term, NGS Group refunds members initial capital.

4. Returns Paid Daily

NGS Group credits members returns every single day.

5. Options For Funding

Members can fund their account multiple ways.


Members can get involved in an emerging space.

What Is Digital Asset Mining?

As digital asset miners, we play a pivotal role in processing thousands of global transactions on a daily basis. Whenever an individual seeks to execute a digital asset transaction, it’s miners like us who streamline the process, receiving a modest reward as compensation for our integral role in maintaining the fluidity of the digital marketplace.

Fixed Rate Returns

Our packages are meticulously crafted to provide members with straightforward, dependable returns. Each day, returns are seamlessly credited to the accounts of NGS Group members. Moreover, upon the conclusion of their respective terms, members will have their initial capital refunded, reflecting our commitment to their financial wellbeing.

NGS Group Our Story

Established in 2013, NGS Group embarked on a journey to empower members in the pursuit of their goals. Leveraging our accumulated wealth of experience, we are committed to providing steadfast support at every juncture of our members’ journeys.

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